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Colourbond & Metal Roofing
Colourbond & Metal Roofing
Colourbond, Metal & tin Roofing are currently experiencing a renaissance, gaining popularity as a new alternative to standard roofing materials because of its permanence and ability to withstand high winds. They are also more cost effective to re-roof. Many monumental structures incorporate metal roofs, and metal has traditionally been used in problem areas (valleys and flashings) with all other roofing materials.
  • light weight will not rot, chip, burn
  • comes in a variety of colours and types
  • long life span - low maintenance
  • can be applied over existing roofs
  • excellent performance in high wind, hail and rain
  • environmentally friendly (recyclable, made from up to 50% recycled steel)
  • can be restored without replacing the whole roof
  • Colour can fade over extended periods of time
  • Moss and grime can build up causing it to look old and dull
  • Rust can corrode metal and tin roofing causing the roof to leak
Colourbond, Metal & tin Roofing
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