Smart, sustainable lifestyle solutions fit for 21st century lives.
The idea of being sustainable in your own current home or deciding to build a new sustainable home or development, though well on its way to maturity, continues to shift as the concept forges into mainstream ideology. To ensure we remain focused on our inter-generational responsibilities. Emblem Services & PLSDF has been showcasing tangible solutions and uniting with the Australian government, academics and captains of industry in response to the global SOS - in the face of economic crises, climate change and oil dependency.
The complexities of sustainability reach far beyond environmental issues, such as water, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable production and consumption. Yet it is surprising, how some small changes in the way we live our lives can create a much more viable and 'just' society. Whether you look at it from a point of economics, or whether you look at it from the point of global sustainability we all need to play a role in making this planet a healthier, safer and cleaner place to live.
The aim is to build a bridge from this current state of disharmony to an ecologically sustainable civilization which is socially 'just' by pioneering effective technology that can be applied immediately by the building industry, offering a feasible alternative pathway to the future which addresses the interconnected ecological, social and economic crises confronting humanity.
As the name implies, Solardecathlon prototype features more than 10 sustainable design and technology features combined to create a truly unique house that is easily transported and customised. The house is affordable, very liveable and nurtures the collective vision of sustainable living. It is hoped this initiative will encourage leaders to embrace the shift necessary to ensure a promising future for the generations to follow.

By choosing to live in a home with total integration of sustainable features, you're choosing a smart way of living for the future.

Let us demystify the term 'sustainable living'...
It doesn’t mean giving up the pleasures of modern living. Put simply, as greenhouse gas emissions continue to soar, the answer is creative adaptation of current infrastructure and implementing applied technology in new housing design. Eco-houses are not just great for you and the environment but they also make good sense, dollar-wise. We have a feasible pathway that addresses the interconnected ecological, social and economic crises confronting the world. We can significantly reduce the pressure simply by shifting from traditional-methods-of-planning to sustainable-methods-of-living. So really, there is nothing stopping us from stepping outside the square and embracing the future...except perhaps the future itself.
Emblem Services always aims towards striving for more and more by engaging key-note speakers like Mr Little who has been proposing sustainable housing and ideology since the seventies, Mr Little has decades of entertaining antics to share - along with his vision, insight and practical knowledge about 'sustainable housing design integration'.
Emblem Services & PLSDF supports solutions for sustainable living in the 21st century. We hope that you discover many ways to reduce your costs and those on the environment.
“Living sustainability is simply a matter of designing it into our lives.”
“We CAN  live big lives while leaving little footprints!”
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